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Toshiba air conditioning units are manufactured by joint venture of Toshiba and Carrier. Toshiba was founded in 1939 and Carrier is known as the father of air conditioning in the world. Toshiba and Carrier formed a joint venture in 1999. Toshiba Carrier is the merging of technology, distribution networks, global branding and the partnering with AHI in over 70 countries. Toshiba introduced Japan’s first Split AC and world’s first Inverter Technology control in 1981. Toshiba’s DC twin rotary technology is designed to deliver high efficiency at part load conditions.

Toshiba Seiya Indoor unit

SEIYA is a cost-effective quiet solution that uses the new Toshiba Inverter and compressor technology with R32 refrigerant to offer a powerful and efficient heating and cooling performance and year-round comfort. SEIYA has been designed with maximum comfort in mind. It offers exclusive features and high performance making everyday comfort a reality for all. Toshiba is constantly innovating towards air conditioning excellence. To reduce noise and improve comfort, SEIYA’s noise reduction function reduces the sound level of the outdoor unit significantly, while its Quiet function reduces noise from the indoor unit to give you a good night’s sleep. SEIYA’s performance/price ratio makes it an exceptional product in the market. The entire range boasts AEER cooling and ACOP heating performance, which means optimal comfort with low energy consumption.

Innovation, efficiency, high reliability, energy savings – these powerful values are at the heart of everything we do at Toshiba. For over 50 years, Toshiba has been providing its clients with the precision and expertise of Japanese quality. Toshiba’s innovative rotary compressor technology combines exemplary performance with outstanding reliability. Minimising fluctuations to ensure a constant temperature, it increases efficiency while significantly reducing the risk of incidental noise. Toshiba’s Inverter Technology allows the SEIYA to regulate heating and cooling capacity at all times, by adjusting the compressor speed.

Toshiba Seiya features

  • 7 Year Warranty for residential applications.
  • Toshiba provides a very convenient Backlit Controller with Weekly Timer automatic on and off operation, programmable up to 4 different settings/day and 7 different programs in a week
  • Selectable Fan Speed plus Auto
  • Fire Place Operation ensures the unit operates in fan mode to help move the heat generated by the fire place.
  • Toshiba’s unique noise reduction function of outdoor unit for your neighbourhood comfort.
  • Power Selector to select between 50/75/100% for maximum power savings.
  • Wire Connectable Controller, the infrared controller can also be hard-wired.
  • 3D Airflow provides improved comforts by distributing powerful and stable air volume in 6 unique airflow patterns (For 6kw and onwards)
  • Clever PCB housing for CDU which provides vermin protection as well as airflow
  • Optional Wifi plugin available.
  • fresh air for longer SEIYA is equipped with an acrylic resin coated coil, which helps to prevent water and dust from sticking to the coil. When the air conditioning is switched off to drain the contaminated coil, the fan continues to operate to keep the coil clean and dry.

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