Wholesale Air Conditioning can also arrange your installation online. Take the hassle out of trying to find a team to complete your Split System Installation, we can arrange one of our well trusted installers to complete the process to your satisfaction. 


How it works?

  1. To add an installation package to your split system purchase, simply select the option when making your purchase supply and Install
  2. Once your air conditioner is dispatched, our local installation team will reach out to you to schedule a consultation or visit, if necessary or discuss the installation process, either over the phone by requesting some photos


What to expect with a back-to-back split system installation.

  • You can expect your installation to be carried out by a licensed and insured professional.
  • The outdoor unit will be positioned on a solid surface such as a polyslab, raised rubber feet, or PVC mounting blocks.
  • The installer will connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit using up to 3 meters of refrigeration pipe and interconnecting cables, and include a 1 length of pipe cover or trunking (2.4m).
  • A weatherproof electrical isolator will be placed next to the outdoor unit.
  • For systems ranging from 2.5kW to 5.0kW, they will connect it to an existing power circuit. Systems between 5kW to 9.5kW will require additional electrical circuit if there is no existing isolation switch.


2KW – 4.8KW = $745 5KW – 6.8KW = $899 7KW – 10KW = $999

Prices listed are for single story residential homes , with good access.


  • Restricted access, sloped landscape properties or working at heights
  • Appartments commercial sites
  • 5kW units and above (requires dedicated electrical circuit)
  • Non back to back installations
  • Non Metro Locations



Description of additional extra Cost inc. GST
Refrigerant/copper pipe and covers (over 4m) per metre $50
Wall Brackets under 1.8 Metres $99
Wall Brackets over 1.8 Metres , up to 3 metres maximum $149
Roof mounted brackets $277
Additional cable for electrical circuit (over 10m) per metre $8/m
New 20amp RCBO electrical circuit (up to 10m) $198
New 25amp RCBO electrical circuit (up to 10m) $319
New 32amp RCBO electrical circuit (up to 10m) $330
Side Penetrations $50
Additional wall penetrations $50
Concrete Core Penetrations $220
Decommission and disposal of old system $65
Roof Penetration and Seals $100
New Power Circuit $198
Double Story Installation  $149
Apartments and Strata complexes


Concrete Plinth 


Genie Lifter up to 3 meters height  $250
Genie Lifter up to 7.5 meters height $465
Scissor Lift for up to 9 meters height $850
Cherry Picker $1,000

See below for a typical back to back split system installation